GS remembers those lost in first annual Eagles Call ceremony

Sydney Wright, Correspondent

More than 50 family members, students and faculty attended the Georgia Southern’s inaugural ceremony honoring the “Fallen Eagles” we’ve lost over the past year. 

 To honor and pay tribute to these individuals who lost their lives, President Kyle Marrero stated each name, their occupation or grade and major followed by a moment of silence.

“I just thought it was meaningful of the school to recognize the ones that passed,” said student Payton McCranie. “A lot of schools don’t do that and it just kind of goes to show how much Georgia Southern truly cares, even when the staff lady gave a family member tissue, I almost started to cry.”

Fifteen students have passed away since last January, according to an open records request received by The George-Anne. Some parents attended the ceremony and shared stories and details about their lost loved one.

A family member shared the memory of culinary arts graduate Reginald Plant Jr.

“He just graduated from Eagle Academy last year and he worked at the dining commons,” said Reginald Plant. “He loves to cook.”

Honoring those lost, a bench and a statue will be placed on both the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses.

Following the name call, came a moment to reflect in which GS’ director of orchestras Steven Elisha played the cello, and as the ceremony ended, Freedom came and flapped her wings. 

“Remembrance is a verb, it’s an action and it’s something we know you feel every day, and we want you to know that we are with you,” said Shay Little, Vice President for Student Affairs. 

“We are grateful that we had time with your friend or family member and that your friend or family member will always be a part of Eagle Nation.”