Walk a Mile in Her Shoes comes to campus


Walk a Mile, March 2016

Briyanna Thompson, Sports Managing Editor

The Statesboro community can try walking a mile in women’s shoes Monday, being asked to literally put on a pair of women’s shoes and walk a mile around Sweetheart Circle.

Georgia Southern will be hosting the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event in support of the International program that raises awareness against gender relations and sexual violence.

The purpose of the event is “To get people listening, learning, and talking about sexual violence,” According to the organizations website.

The event is open to everyone but men are asked to walk in red heels as a way of confronting gender stereotypes and expectations. The marathon is just 4 laps around Sweetheart Circle to make a mile.

Tickets will be $10 for students and $20 for non-students. The event has been moved to April 26th.

All proceeds will be donated to The Teal House, which provides emotional support and advocacy for individuals who have been sexually assaulted.