HYGGE Event ~ Hispanic Heritage Month

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  • Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th to October 15th. The ISAP hosted an event called HYGGE which means “a quality of coziness, where people feel content and relaxed”.

  • In the Rosenwald ISAP suite, students gather to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with food and great conversations.

  • Friends gather and smile for a picture after talking about how much they miss their family during this month more than ever, but have found forever family with each other!

  • They served ropa vieja, plantains, enchilada con pollo, and paella that all the students made for this event! They even had arroz con leche to drink that everyone should try!

  • Students laugh and talk as they share stories unique to their own backgrounds. They really enjoyed learning about different celebrations that they could incorporate into their celebrations for this year!

  • Samuel Aguilar (pictured on the right) and his friend came to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. They said their favorite part of this month is “being a part of a community that is so joyful, outgoing,caring, and helpful makes us feel loved and appreciated.”

  • Hispanic countries flags from left to right hang Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Brazil from the ceiling including all Hispanic Countries as equal.

  • Max Martinez (pictured on the left) from El Salvalvador smiles with his friend and he celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by “cooking dishes from his country and calling his family and telling them how much he loves them.”

  • Right outside the ISAP suite was this billboard that displays all the future celebrations and fun activities they have planned for Hispanic Heritage Month that all students are welcome to join!

  • Director of the International Student Admissions and Programs, Ron Jones, smiles with other advisors saying he is “so thankful to share light on Hispanic Heritage Month” and that he is “so glad that his voice can be heard” in the community.

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