Reporter Haley Perini Gives You The Inside Look At The Statesboro Farmers Market

Haley Perini

Every saturday April to November you can find the freshest food in Statesboro at 

the Main Street Farmers Market. 


The vendors include local businesses and farms from Bulloch and surrounding counties. 


“This is my first time coming. So it’s a whole new experience for me. But I really like it because it gets a lot of local vendors out here and it gives small businesses an opportunity to get their brand out there and make a name for themselves,” said  Mandy Kaczor, a Junior at Georgia Southern.


Statesboro local Glenn Haynes has been a vendor at the farmers market for several years now. His business, The Potting Cart, sells plants from Glenn’s own garden.


 “The children, the dogs, it’s just a really cool place where people from different parts of Statesboro can come together and enjoy an activity together,” said Haynes.


There are multiple local sponsors of the farmers market including Citizens Bank, Ogeechee Technical college, and Southern Palace Chinese Restaurant. 


These sponsors make it possible for the community to come together each weekend at the Statesboro welcome center.


 “I think it is a really great way not only to support the locals that are here but to find the business that you might not find always on campus all the time. Then you come here, find new places to hangout, get some stuff from all the locals, and even meet people inside as well,” said Dusk Grams, a senior at Georgia Southern.