Venus Morris Griffen Comes To Georgia Southern to share her Inspiring Story

Elise Taylor

Last week, Zeta Tau Alpha sponsored speaker Venus Morris Griffin to share her incredible story of tackling adversity. 


Venus Morris Griffin was a stay at home mother of seven when her husband was sentenced to 45 years in prison.


From there, she was left to find a job and support her family on her own.


“The thing that stood out to us the most would be all the challenges that she has gone through in life and how she decided to overcome them,” said Zeta Tau Alpha President, Katie Grace Bennett. 


After a difficult start to a career in real estate, her sales eventually skyrocketed. 


Not only was she able to financially support her family, but she became the number one real estate agent in August, Georgia and created an incredible reputation. 


Her story sent a clear message to the people who heard it. 


“Success in life takes hard work and discipline and you can get what you want out of life if you work hard and have determination,” said Bennett. 


Venus’ story is very powerful and shows that even when the unimaginable happens, things can turn around.