Attic Sale

Haley Perini

The Statesboro service league runs the attic sale at the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fairgrounds. 


The Attic Sale is a non-profit event that is held in Statesboro every year. This year marks the 49th year of the attic sale. 


“And there’s so much energy and we get so excited about our patrons coming out to shop. Just knowing that all of our proceeds are going right back into our beautiful Boro” said Ashley Sheffield, President of the Statesboro Service League.


Not only does all the earnings from the attic sale go back into the Boro but it also lets the community grow a little bit closer as well.


“ Prior to becoming Co-chair I’ve always worked the holiday section. Just cause it’s fun and exciting to see everybody. This year we really exploded our Halloween section” said Kimberly Sharpe, Co-Chair of the Attic Sale.


Going to the attic sale is a great experience not only can you find decorative items for your home but you also get to connect with your community. This event allows everyone to come together to support Statesboro.


“As you know there was a hurricane that was coming and that was really challenging from previous years. Because not so much the rain our patrons come out in the rain and the cold  and they are very loyal. But we were worried about the wind and what kind of damage that would cause,” said Karen Brazell, Chair of the Attic Sale.