CRI Answers: Why We Celebrate

This past Thursday, October 20th, the Armstrong campus hosted its annual event: Celebrate.

The campus was filled with academic departmental booths, student organization booths, and booths sharing about businesses within the community.

We sat down with Megan Feasel of Campus Reaction, a committee member, to help plan this event and see what her take on Celebrate is.

“Celebrate is a big tradition. There’s lots of different fun activities, free food, and beverage. It showcases the entire campus and community and brings everyone together and highlights all the programs and organizations that make our campus unique. It’s a great way to showcase the Armstrong campus.”

Since consolidation and the reinstatement of this event, it has grown in size from the 90 booths set up last year to the 118 booths in attendance this year.

From viewing different booths, especially the ones highlighting our various academic programs, flyers explaining job opportunities within a specific major were available for students to grab.

“One of the reasons Celebrate is so important is because it allows students to connect with professors from different departments and overall boosts everyone’s morale on campus.”

Feasel notes that President Marrero is very supportive of the event and creates a very welcoming environment that she is glad to be a part of.

“Everyone gets involved and its a campus wide event. Every year, I look forward to seeing everyone in attendance. It makes the planning all worthwhile.”

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