Senate Candidate Cheat Sheet for the Georgia Midterm Election

The upcoming Georgia midterm election will be the first opportunity for many young, recently voter-eligible citizens to participate directly in politics.

A concern that both recurrent and first-time voters often have is how they’re to make decisions on things they aren’t thoroughly informed on while at the polls. Noting the party alignment of the candidates running for office is often the extent of many citizens’ election cycle knowledge.

The debate on who should win Georgia’s seat in the US Senate is one of the most controversial, being determined this November 8. For the convenience of those who don’t have time to do research of their own, the following will be a bi-partisan, bulleted list describing each Senate candidate’s stance on current issues.
Senate candidates on your ballot:

Raphael Warnock

  • Primarily advocating for healthcare accessibility.
  • Pledges to protect the Affordable Care Act, which is legislation designed to make affordable health insurance available to more people.
  • Wants the federal government to keep pharmaceuticals affordable
  • States that diplomacy (negotiation) is the best and first resort for international relations
  • Wants to take action regarding less access to clean air and water in Black and brown communities.
  • Wants to restore the Voting Rights Act
  • Wants to fight for fair wages
  • Denounces the use of private, for-profit prisons as detention centers
  • He is currently a senator
  • Identifies with the Democratic party

Herschel Walker

  • Advocates against abortion access
  • Wants to increase the military spending budget
  • Stated that he will “always put American interests first- at home and abroad.”
  • Wants to reduce regulations on businesses
  • Wants to lower taxes
  • Wants to secure the US-Mexico border
  • On the topic of environment, “As of March 17, 2022, Herschel Walker’s website did not contain information on this issue and Herschel Walker did not complete our questionnaire,” according to Branch, a bi-partisan resource.
  • Stated support of those who follow the legal immigration process
  • Identifies with the Republican party

Chase Oliver

  • Claims that the US immigration system is overly-complex and advocates for its simplification
  • Supports “ending the prosecution of victimless crimes and instead placing the focus of law enforcement on investigating and prosecuting crimes of violence, theft, fraud or coercion.”
  • Wants to keep government intervention minimal on small businesses
  • On marijuana legalization, Oliver’s candidate website states: “Cannabis should be no more controversial than a glass of wine. Too many people sit in jails and prisons across the nation for selling, possessing or using a plant legal for over half the adult population.”
  • Identifies with the Libertarian party