Student’s viewpoint on birth control controversies

Pharmacies start to reduce barriers to contraceptive access with the addition of male birth control trials across the United States after the overturn of Roe V. Wade.


This approach to cheaper and birth control for sexes impacts most men and women, including students at Georgia Southern University.

  • and other websites, like currently allows people to purchase pills, shots, rings, patches, or the morning after pill with insurance, shipping it to doorsteps for free.
  • If individuals don’t have access to insurance, depending on the method, the prices range from 15 dollars to 180 dollars a month.
  • Most men are also advocates for normalizing male birth control to make it not seem like ‘it’s only the women’s responsibility’ to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  • The final wish for most individuals is that eventually other contraceptives, like condoms, become free as well. 

What Students Are Saying

“I am a huge advocate for everyone and bodily anatomy which includes not forcing people to carry out unwanted pregnancies. This free access to birth control could change family dynamics and problems”.

  • Slater Barlow, Freshman

“I wouldn’t necessarily say we need free birth control because it could affect prices of other medications, but it definitely needs to be cheaper. 50 dollars or more for birth control is crazy”.

  • Diego Vargas

“Even though I don’t support the idea of abortion, I have no right to decide what someone else does with their body. It isn’t fair to stop people from having cheaper access to something that could potentially prevent abortions”.

  • Dia Carr, Junior

 “In school we were taught about safe sex and birth control is a part of that, it is unfair to prevent something that could impact people’s lives”.

  •  Anna Harden, Freshman

“Safe sex is just goated. Why wouldn’t you want free birth control?”

  • Evan Ricker, Freshman

“While I don’t think male birth control should be ‘mandatory’ because I wouldn’t want someone to force me to do something I don’t want to do, knowing the option is out there is really helpful”. 

  •  Jake Rodney-Brown, Freshman

“I feel like free birth control should definitely be a thing! It will make accidental births more unlikely!”

  • Addison Young, Freshman

“I feel birth control should be free for many reasons. Not everyone has or can afford insurance, so many women aren’t on birth control for that reason. So, one or two things need to happen: One, insurance becomes free or affordable. Or two, birth control was free in order to help control the amount of unwanted pregnancies.”

  • Z’Nyiah Reeves, Sophomore