Statesboro PD Investigating Assault on Greek Row

Ashley Watts

A Sigma Nu fraternity member has been charged with aggravated battery after a verbal altercation with a passerby took a frightening turn.

Police say 20-year-old William Kroymann first engaged the victim verbally from the yard of the Sigma Nu house. The verbal altercation led to Kroymann approaching the victim and striking him. The blow caused the victim to collapse and hit his head on the pavement resulting in a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.

The victim is reportedly a GS student, and a member of another fraternity on Greek row, according to the Statesboro Police Department.

“The report is that we have a student who was injured in a situation, and I don’t want any students to be injured due to their interactions with others, or being on campus,” Vice President of Student Affairs, Shay Little, said, “I would encourage anyone to come forward.”

Police are also urging more witnesses to come forward. Statesboro Police Captain Jared Akins emphasized just how crucial eyewitness accounts are to an investigation.

“At this point in time we have not had anybody else come forward and talk to us,” Akins said “That’s tough because the first-hand observations, the first-hand recollections, are what we need.”

Using a combination of surveillance footage and cell phone video officers were able to piece together the events that took place late January 13th.

“Unfortunately people not wanting to get involved is not an uncommon thing,” Akins said “That’s the reason the PD has invested so heavily in things like the camera system that we have.”

With a majority of the witnesses presumably also a part of Greek life, Detective Akins has this message for those witnesses who might feel pressured by their fraternity or sorority to stay silent:

“I would simply say that if you really believe in those by-laws and you believe in those codes of ethics that these organizations, these nationwide organizations, put out then you just gotta do the right thing,” Akins said.

Anyone with information on this case can contact Captain Jared Akins at 912-764-9911 or submit anonymous tips to