GS Budgeting for Upgrades to Campus Security and Surveillance Systems

Ashley Watts

GS is planning to upgrade its campus security and surveillance system to a new digital platform.

Budgeting for Major Upgrades 

  • The university has budgeted $1.2 million to upgrade cameras in the residence halls and other buildings.
  • Upgrades will be on all three campuses.
  • Police will be installing motion-activated Flock Safety cameras. Flock’s “Vehicle Fingerprint” feature allows police to search surveillance video for vehicles that match a certain description.
  • In a statement to Grice Connect, GS Police Chief Laura Mccullough said that: “This is a major step forward in our ongoing work to keep campus safe.”

Students Give Their Opinions on Security Upgrades

  • “Definitely makes me feel better about being on campus. I mean I already love the environment and everything, but the extra bit of safety always makes students feel better.” Brett Ochoa, Sophomore, said. 
  • “I think it’d help, like, especially in the dorms because I know there was like a lot of cars being broken into when I lived there.” Cameron Cagle, Sophomore, said.

What’s Next

  • The upgrades are expected to be completed by the start of the Fall 2023 semester.