Jing Wen Ong | International Student Highlight


Jing Wen traveled across seas from Malaysia to Georgia Southern to seek a doctoral degree in the clinical psychology program with strong aspirations to become a Psychologist.


  • 4-year-student at Georgia Southern University
  • Moved here from Orlando, Florida due to strong program offered here in clinical psychology as well as strong support system from professors
  • First international student in the PsyD Clinical Psychology program.
  • Received the International Academic Distinction Award in 2022 recognizing strong academic achievement and success in International students.

Activities to do in free time:

  • Walking, especially at the SS Greenway by the Olive Garden
  • Walking with her friends to have social support and, at the same time, going out into nature and exploring nature
  • Watching anime movies and shows

Place to eat at:

  • Coconut Thai
  • She gets her usual: the Spicy Basil Duck.

Favorite TV Show:

  • Wednesday “for a more popular show”.
  • 911 Lone Star focuses on “firefighters rescuing people. It is a very diverse and inclusive show”.

Dream Places to Live:

  • Ohio “so I can hopefully meet back with my partner who currently attends Ohio State University”.
  • She also mentioned Colorado and California.