Alessi Villanueva | International Student Highlight


Alessi Villanueva traveled across the world from the Philippines to Georgia Southern to seek a degree in marketing with a minor in management aspiring to work in fashion marketing.


  • 3 year student at Georgia Southern University
  • Received a scholarship that prompted her to go to Georgia Southern University
  • International Student Community Leader for International Ambassadors here at Georgia Southern University.
  • International Soar Leader that assists international students adjusting to new cultures.

Activities to do in Free Time:

  • Hang out with friends
  • Go on small trips
  • Weekend trips exploring other states
  • Went to St. Augustine, Florida and loved seeing the new environment
  • Going to Savannah, Georgia and exploring downtown

Favorite thing to do in Statesboro:

  • Grab a cup of coffee
  • Workout
  • Cooking with friends
  • Picnics at Sweetheart Circle

Favorite Place to Eat:

  • Coconut Thai, so any Asian restaurant

Favorite Show:

  • Favorite show of all time is Gilmore Girls
  • Tennis Documentary Series called Breaking Point

Where would you like to live:

  • Wants to stay and work in the United States
  • Dream is to live in New York one day
  • May eventually try working in Europe some time after graduating to explore the world.