SGA campaigns come to a close: President and Vice President Debate

Nakya Harris

The student government association, also known as SGA, are at the end of their campaigning season as two presidential candidates and one executive vice president candidate go head to head in hopes of pulling off a win.


In case you missed it:


Presidential candidates, Precious Coleman and Blake Robinson, debated their ideals in hopes of shedding light on what they believe GS students need. 


  • According to Coleman, during the debate, she wanted to highlight eagle engagement, eagle mentality and protecting the Georgia Southern nest.
  • “Those simple things are what  I am about,” Coleman said. “Getting students more involved, making sure that students are aware of the resources they have to maintain a safe mental space for themselves.”
  • When asked what qualifies Robinson for the presidential position, he said he has connections, shows leadership and is an advocate for students.
  • “We are making every decision and every active effort to make sure that everything we are promising in our campaign platform, we can get for you and make sure it happens,” Robinson said. 


Even though the executive vice president candidate, Shaheim Johnson, was the only one running for the position, it did not stop him from stating his opinions on student needs.


  • “I am very ambitious in representing the students and serving as a voice for them,” Johnson said. “The second quality, I’m open. I am very open to any ideas. I love getting feedback. I love hearing from our students.”


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