Students react to Armstrong threat

In the wake of homicidal threats on Armstrong, Georgia Southern’s response left some students in the dark.

On March 27, an Armstrong nursing student took to social media with a threat to shoot her classmates and herself if she didn’t get a good grade on a test.

The following Tuesday, Marketing and Communications released an email to students and staff, stating, “Reports of concern this morning on the Armstrong Campus were unfounded, and there was never an immediate threat to campus,” and directed students to voice concerns directly to the university police.

When contacting University Police, the Inkwell was redirected to Marketing and Communication, who did not respond to inquiries on the threats.

Siana Elder, a commuter, claims not to have received the email but was notified of the threat through Snapchat by another student.

While other students like Alexis Botello didn’t know what was happening: “I got it but thought it regarded the other school shootings… I didn’t know what it was about,” Botello said.

Though Eagle alerts are intended to send instructions during imminent threats, confusion still arose for Leisha Ackerson when assessing the severity of the threat.

“Normally, when there is a threat you would get a text or a phone call,” Ackerson said.

Wednesday gave way to rumor circulation ranging from the false claim that the suspect was apprehended at a mental hospital to the true claim that the nursing student posted threats to social media.

The suspect was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and actions three days after the incident. This is the first time an Armstrong student has been arrested on campus regarding firearms in at least three years.

“My mom found out on the news more than she found out through the school,” Antonae Johnson said. “ The fact that the school didn’t say anything, unsettling.”

The suspect has been banned from Chatham County and all Georgia Southern campuses.

“Should she be allowed to continue with her nursing?” Elder asked as it is currently unclear if the suspect will be barred from continuing her nursing degree elsewhere.

The suspect has been released on bond and will return to court on April 7 to evaluate her need for involuntary treatment in a psychiatric facility.