The Mental Health of College Students

LEAD: College students elaborate on how their mental health is different from last semester, and what they did to improve it. 

A poll was conducted asking Georgia Southern students how their mental health was now, and if it has improved since last semester. Over 400 students responded to the poll. Over half of the students stated their mental health was not in a good place and that it had not improved since last semester. 

We asked a few students who had seen improvement in their mental health the steps that they took to reach where they were now: 

  • “I actually went to therapy over winter break.” -Trevor Woodyard 
  • “Well, I am taking less credit hours. I am really just taking time for myself. Just chilling, taking naps and stuff.” -Gabrielle Smiley 
  • “I just talked to my friends.” -Kenneth Foxworth 
  • “My sister is actually a psychology major and she’s getting her masters right now, so I talked to her about it. I talked to my parents. I kind of realized you have to take everything one step at a time. Especially one day at a time.” -Caroline Twomey 

Different ways to improve your mental health. 

Stress, of course, takes a huge toll on the mental health of students. Here are some ways according to the National Institute of Health to reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing: 

  • Get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Having a set sleeping schedule will give you better quality sleep. 
  • Take a walk! A 30 minute walk a day can reduce stress.
  • Set priorities. Get a planner and create deadlines for assignments, meetings, emails, etc.
  • Gather social connections at volunteering events or by participating in sport events that the RAC offers. 

Take a deep breath! College students struggle with anxiety, depression, and different mental health issues. Reach out to someone if you find yourself struggling with your mental health, remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Georgia Southern Counseling Center Contact Information: 

Statesboro: 912-478-5541 

Armstrong: 912-344-2529