Letter to the Editor: In response to “Your View: Should teachers carry guns?”

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To the editor-in-chief,

I am a sophomore and proud conservative, military member, and member of the college republicans at Georgia Southern as well as a lifetime member of the NRA. At 21 years old I have already donated over $1,000 to the NRA because I believe in self preservation as a God given right. I state all this to explain that I acknowledge how deep my own biases run, however, I draw the line at outright lying to manipulate public opinion. The George-Anne is a very well representing paper. I read every issue and in two years here I have not found any issue with statements published. There is always a fair and objective perspective demonstrated even if biases are perceived at times but the truth and the facts always come first and I respect that.

Today that respect was tarnished as I read an opinion piece written by Ashley Jones. I understand an opinion piece is just that, an opinion, and I have never been critical of statements made that reflect a simple opinion. But at the opening of this particular opinion article, introduced as the facts to setup the opinions that followed, Ashley Jones stated that “President Trump suggested that teachers in lower grade classrooms as well as staff members be required to arm themselves.” Jones’ statement here is an outright lie and one that is clearly motivated by her own bias against our President. The fact is, President Trump proposed that teachers and faculty who already possess a carry permit and currently carry outside of the classroom, be permitted to carry within the classroom as well.

Also, teachers and faculty who personally desire to receive such training, be allowed to do so freely and receive compensation for attending additional firearm safety courses. Nothing in the presidents statement even implies the idea of a requirement as Ashley Jones wrote, nor was there any indication as to what grade level would be focused. The president proposed Eliminating a requirement for teachers to Disarm, your paper wrote that he was Adding a requirement for the opposite.

I have written this to inform you of what was surely an oversight at some level as I still hold faith that no matter what political leanings one may hold, The George-Anne will never knowingly publish something so false and misleading as it mistakenly has today. It is my hope that actions are taken to prevent such accidents in the future. It goes without saying that there has never been a time in which journalistic integrity was more important than it is today.