April Fools Pranks: Easter-Style

Photo courtesy of SGA.

Photo courtesy of SGA.

Araya Jackson

It just so happens that this year, Easter and April Fools fall on the same Sunday. Wow, what have we done to deserve such a blessing? It’s the ultimate day to trick your family while everyone is wholesomely celebrating this religious holiday.

And with Easter festivities on the mind, April Fools may easily be forgotten and you’ll have the element of real surprise on your side.

Here are just a few ideas to combine both holiday’s and really get your parent’s anxiety going this Sunday (I suggest starting after church- but you do you):

The classic “I’m Pregnant” gag

Proceed with caution: Make your family a mini Easter basket with either pink or blue eggs, candy, baby accessories, etc. – and please, have someone film their reaction.

Family Dinner Desserts Gone Wrong

I don’t know about your house, but holiday dinner’s are always a team-effort. All the kids are given a food/dessert to prepare. Offer to make those decadent chocolate cake pops that everyone loves so much, but instead of using cake, use Brussels sprouts. Get ready to watch your siblings freak. 

Bible Verse Tattoo

Using a thin point sharpie, have someone draw a bible verse as a tattoo on you. How about a “Jesus First” or “He Has Risen” tramp stamp??!!  Once dried, rub some vaseline on it and cover with wrap to make it seem fresh.

Chocolate Egg Disguised

This is honestly too easy. Coat an egg with melting chocolate and wrap it once cooled. You can use the wrapper from Cadbury eggs to make it seem more realistic. This also works using grapes, for smaller “chocolate” eggs. Woe to the person who bites into this.

Real Surprises in the Eggs

Hide condoms, dirt, used Q-Tips, vegetables, trash, beer caps, or whatever gross and inappropriate things you can think of inside the fake eggs. I’m sure your mother will be thrilled when your baby sister or brother asks “What’s this?” about a condom they find inside one.

If you have younger siblings, the possibilities of pranks on this day are endless. The internet is a wonderful place to find more ideas and I suggest to search around and come up with some of your own!