How I coped with getting sick in college

I didn’t have any cold or flu, I had migraines instead. A lotof times this required me to attempt to sleep it off with eye mask on and ear plugs in. Yes, most of it was physical trying to ease the pain, but getting sick in college brings along a lot of other obstacles.

A lot of dealing with being sick has to deal with your mental and emotional state. I missed a lot of classes, and my normally perfectionist self could have obsessed about this nonstop. To cope I constantly reminded myself that it was OK, that I was doing what was best for my overall wellbeing. Otherwise the guilt of missing classes and having to make up quizzes would have made a permanent mark on my mental health.

Another coping mechanism I used was friendship. Whether I vented to my friends, laughed with them in Lakeside, or studied with them at Hendy, I surrounded myself with people who made me smile and happy. Locking yourself in your room and sleeping a lotcan bring on depression and it was important for me to correct that.

Health Services became an indispensable resource for me, though. Most of the time I could get an appointment that day whenever I needed immediate help. The staff there made it easy for me to manage my medication and deal with the situation.

I know a lot of freshmen don’t want to visit the doctor, but I highly recommend utilizing the services that are offered there. Whether you have a cold, wear eyeglasses, or need a shot, they’ve got you covered.