Help your neighbor with the Holiday Helper Tree


Rebecca Grubbs

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The Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement (OSLCE) is hosting the Holiday Helper Tree until Nov. 21. Students have the opportunity to provide Christmas gifts for those in need throughout the Statesboro community. There are various ways to help the cause: students can pull a tag from the tree and donate that gift, volunteer to help check out tags, or make a donation.

“It’s a great way for students to get involved in the community, but also help somebody for Christmas,” Morgan Stokes, freshman special education major, said. “There are [gift wishes] on the tree for things like bikes, but there are also really easy gifts like bath towels. It’s easy for students that are on a budget to help someone for Christmas.”

To find out more information or to sign up to volunteer, visit the OSLCE Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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