Eagle Baseball Joins the Fight to Cure Cancer

Stephanie Matzelle

Cancer is an ailment that affects almost everyone in the world somehow, directly or indirectly. It is constantly making its way into the lives of people who are helpless and powerless. Some of these helpless and powerless people are children.

Many organizations are trying to help raise money for this disease to help find a cure or pay for treatments. One such group is the “Vs. Cancer Foundation: To Cure Kid’s Cancer.” This non-profit organization was founded by Chase Jones, and its purpose is to encourage athletes and the community to support and donate to childhood cancer research.

Jones was a college baseball player at North Carolina and he was diagnosed with cancer while he played. Through his contacts in college baseball, he was able to come up with the foundation.

The fundraiser is popular around college baseball, so the Georgia Southern baseball team decided to partner up with the organization to hold an event promoting cancer research.

For the third year in a row, the entire baseball team will shave their heads after the game on Saturday, April 12 against Appalachian State University to bring attention to the fight against cancer.

Coach Rodney Hennon met Jones at a convention a few years ago and that’s when they decided to team up and make this event possible in the past.

Hennon is ecstatic about being able to partner up with the organization and is hoping to top the amount of money that was raised last year. Hennon said the baseball team raised about $12,000.

“I lost my father to cancer a year and half ago so I have been personally affected by it and I’m happy that we can do something to benefit others,” coach Hennon said.

Donations will be given during the game and the event to help raise money for cancer research and the local children’s hospital.

The baseball team is honored to be a part of something that can help others. Matt Anderson is a sophomore catcher on the baseball team and he says this fundraiser probably means more to him than others.

“I’ve had a couple family members go through it and close friends so to me it means probably more than some people and to be able to participate in it means a lot to me because I can almost use this as an opportunity to show people how important it is to fund this and be a part of it,” Anderson said.

Tarez Miller is a sophomore infielder on the baseball team and he doesn’t personally know someone who has been affected by cancer but he knows the struggle and is looking forward to being a part of this fundraiser.

“I have a pretty close friend that has went through the whole process and had cancer, so I know the struggle with that and today he has beaten it, so yes, it’s awesome seeing something like that, to hear their story and how they’re struggling and just bounce back…so I am definitely for this fight for cancer,” Miller said.

This event will take place after the game on Saturday by the concession stands in J.I. Clements Stadium. The game starts at approximately 1 p.m. All are also welcome to donate online at https://team.vs-cancer.org/fundraise/team?ftid=67538.

The spread of cancer can be overwhelming, but the baseball team will counter it with the spread of support, funding, and the symbolic loss of hair.