Hair Crush: where hair meets fashion

Chelsea Davis

It is currently fashion show season, but imagine a show that combines hair and fashion. This Thursday, the student organization Hair Crush will be having their annual hair show. Every year, this show brings out a big crowd from Georgia Southern. It is expected to see big hair, street-style fashion, live performances, and more.

Each year, all over the world hair shows always bring out huge crowds. These shows are presented in a way to appreciate all hair types as well as a way to promote business from different hair stylists. Hair shows in general have become especially popular in the black culture.

Here at GS, students enjoy the show because it shows the beauty in all hair types as well as promoting fashion.

“People always look forward to the performances that Hair Crush give during the hair show, this year they are going to blow the audience away,” M’daige Fleurantin, sophomore pre-nursing major said.

The impact of hair shows

Hair Crush has decided to do a show, because they feel like too many people have to deal with their hair being unappreciated. In the black community especially, there have been derogatory words portrayed to people with coarser hair. Hair Crush has decided to have this show to eliminate the negative opinions of certain hair types, and show that all hair is beautiful.

“The hairstyles we are presenting the most are protective styles. Protective styles give women with coarser hair a way to protect their hair from heat and the everyday wear and tear,” Fleurantin said. “We are trying to show diversity between hair and fashion.”

The theme of the show

With this being the third annual show, Hair Crush has decided to make the theme different from the ordinary. This year, the theme is expected to be based off of Beyonce’s album, Lemonade.

“Beyonce’s album was a really powerful album of women empowerment and I think her album touched a lot of our hearts, so I think that is why we decided to make it the theme this year,” Chance Whisby, sophomore marketing major, said.

Some of the stylists have been with Hair Crush since the student organization first came to campus, so a lot of them happen to be veterans. This student organization has gone months with preparing them for this show, and it is certain to be another success.

“We have been preparing for months on this hair show. It has been difficult working with everyone’s schedules, but everyone has been putting in hard work,” Breanna Kimbro, senior sociology major and president of Hair Crush, said. “Hours of practice has gone into this show so we can not wait to show what we have been working on.”

Hair Crush invites all hair lovers to come out this Thursday to the Russell Union Ballroom at 6:30 p.m. Tickets in advance are $3, tickets at the door are $5, and VIP tickets are $7. You can follow Hair Crush on Instagram @omghaircrush for any updates. Early arrival is suggested.

Juquetta Russell, sophomore journalism major, said, “Come with an open mind and expect to have a good time. We will be using quotes from the actual album. There will be singing, dancing, performance, modeling, and of course hair. it’s a show you don’t want to miss.”