Pure Romance: Bringing Adult Novelty in the Form of a Party

Allison Martinez

Going to an adult novelty store for the first time can be fairly uncomfortable because you don’t know what to expect. You’re exposing yourself to things you’ve never seen or heard of before and a million questions gather in your mind like “What am I looking at and how is it supposed to be used?”

The use of adult products isn’t something brought up in everyday conversations and it has a tendency to be seen as a forbidden topic to speak of. One should be asking questions to become more informed about their bodies instead of giggling to friends about the mysterious toys seen on the second shelf.

The knowledge most students have about adult novelty items is minimal. Cheyenne Burns, consultant for Pure Romance, is trying to break that barrier. She is informing students on everything they need to know about different products in a casual and comforting environment.

Not Your Average Host

Burns is a junior marketing and business and likes to think of herself as the queen of romance. She has supported her way through college by empowering, educating and entertaining men and women as a consultant for the company Pure Romance.

Burns hosts multiple parties each month to help people become more comfortable with their bodies and sex lives while having fun at the same time. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend one of her events to learn about what she does and the products her company has to offer.

The Party

As the festivities began, the air was filled with hesitation. No one knew what to expect or what was in store. About ten women were in attendance, most being first time attendees at an event of this sort. There were two tables set up: One with products such as lotions and gels and the other covered in plastic diamonds where there sat a bowl of acrylic heart shaped rings and a sign which read,

“Each Queen deserves to have her own jewels. Please take a ring and be seated my Queen!”

The hesitant vibes soon wore off as the host walked into the room to introduce herself. Her bubbly personality quickly put everyone’s mind at ease.

Burns began the party with some ice breakers to help the women relax and get acquainted with one another. She allowed them to test different products varying from pheromone packed perfumes, to lotions and gels.

She even showed different products ranging from shaving creams and adult toys to lingerie and massaging oils. Her confidence exuberated upon each woman as she gave great insight on the importance of learning about their bodies and the body of their significant other.

“Confidence is the most sexiest thing you can wear. In the bedroom, communication is the biggest thing missing, and knowing it’s okay to be educated about your body helps you become more relaxed and more confident with yourself which makes for better communication in the relationship,” Burns said.

College students aren’t typically educated on adult products and talking about sex in public can tend to be awkward. By hosting these parties, Burns has created an environment that makes each woman feel like a queen while having a safe place to talk about sex and ask questions.

“Every women is a queen in her own right and deserves to feel like one. We aren’t going to do anything that won’t make you feel like a queen at Pure Romance,” Burns said.

Overall, the event was an extremely educational and entertaining way to learn more about how to start living a more sexually fulfilled life and how to define your desires.

Burns is able to educate people about their health and sex life and how products are used in a fun way while answering any questions.

She used a raffle ticket system to encourage the women to ask questions where the more questions each person asked, the more raffle tickets they received, entering them to win prizes and sample products.

This was a great incentive for each person and a clever way to have questions answered one may have never thought of.

Learn More

Instead of letting your mind wander over how, what and when certain products are and can be used, get informed and attend a Pure Romance party. Burns will be hosting an open house event that welcomes both men and women within the next few weeks. If you’re interested in attending or hosting a party you can contact her at p.romancebycb@gmail.com or call her at (423) 760-5902.