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Ashley Jones

The Black Student Alliance (BSA) is a student lead organization that focuses on community and social awareness. BSA has been an active voice in the advancement of minority students, faculty and staff here at Georgia Southern University. They have hosted a number of events on campus that give voice to the minorities of the student body.

Christopher Zen, the BSA event coordinator, said the organization’s diversity is what drew him to the Black Student Alliance.

“[BSA is] always doing events; they’re always reaching out trying to get new students involved,” Zen, senior business manager, said.

BSA is comprised of five subcommittees. Blacktion, which is the modeling committee, is the main committee of BSA.

Other committees include Urban Act, the community service sector; Public Relations, which handles promoting events; Social Events, which handles event planning and lastly, Fundraising.

All five subcommittees are made up of general body members of BSA.

“I became a member of BSA as a freshman, and I got really close with the people I met, so it’s really become a family,” Joshua Clump, junior journalism major, said.

Though BSA strives to serve the minority faculty student and staff, they are welcoming to students of all races.

“We are a huge general body,” Clump said. “I think BSA is different from other [organizations], because you really have opportunities to showcase your leadership whether it’s through leadership roles or just being a member.”

BSA will host a number of events in the near future. Among those events are “The Purge on Wall Street,” which is their annual Gala, “Love Games,” which is hosted by their Freshman Council and “Casino Night,” which will be hosted by Urban Act.