Music Haven re-opens for local Statesboro bands

Allison Martinez

Since Bigshow’s Burgers and Bar closed, Statesboro has been waiting for a new restaurant and concert venue to take its place. A petition went around in hopes of Bigshow’s return and the music goddesses must have heard. The building known as a music haven for more than a decade is back in business.

The building where Bigshow’s once resided has been purchased and is opening under new management, and now goes by the name of Cowboys Pub and Grub.

A New Business with Old Ties

Owner, Jim Rushing, wants everyone to come out and have a good time while being in a safe environment. The atmosphere will be similar to the environment that has always been associated with the building while adding a twist, because Rushing also owns the pool hall next door to the restaurant.

This Saturday, Cowboys Pub and Grub will be hosting their first event with not one, but two live bands beginning at 9 p.m. The free event, planned as a soft opening, will host the band’s Rising Tide and Solomon’s Ghost.

The building has a long history of being one of the only places in Statesboro to cater to a variety of music genres since the early 2000’s. There hasn’t been a restaurant venue for bands like Solomon’s Ghost to perform at since the closing of Big Shows, until now.

Perspectives from the Music Scene

Solomon’s Ghost is a progressive metal band, that plays mostly original songs. Drummer of the band, Drew Purvis, thinks it’s important to have an outlet for people to have a good time and not listen to the same thing every other bar has.

He knows many bands prefer to play in Statesboro, just because of the atmosphere and the open minded people that are eager to listen to music.

Timothy Walls, Event Promoter for Coastal Rock Productions, thinks a place like Cowboy’s is really needed, because of the lack of venue options for other genres in Statesboro.

“I did shows at Bigshow’s for a little over a year and those were some of the best concerts I’ve done in years just because it’s a great spot. I love Statesboro, and the people have a great time out there,” Walls said.

When the restaurant closed last year, local artists like Aaron Cooler, vocalist and guitarist for Bird Person had to look for new outlets in Statesboro to perform. Cooler started hosting shows at The Bird House, which popularized in the alternative music scene of Statesboro after Bigshow’s closed.

Cooler plans to continue hosting shows at The Bird House even with the opening of Cowboy’s, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t excited.

“We always, as a band, want our shows to be at places where anyone who wants to listen to us can feel comfortable listening to us and not freak out that they aren’t welcome there. Whatever race or transgender or gay or anything, it’s a place to come and enjoy music,” Cooler said.

Bigshow’s was the first place Bird Person played at, which makes the venue special for them. They are ecstatic to have a familiar but different place to perform and expand their fan base while being exposed to new crowds.

Looking Ahead

Cooler met with Rushing and lined up a show which will be announced soon. At the future event, not only will Bird Person and Rising Tide perform, but there will also be band appearances traveling from Florida, Alabama and North Carolina to make the grand opening of Cowboy’s Pub and Grill a spectacular performance that you will not want to miss.

Until then, plan to see Solomon’s Ghost and Rising Tide this Saturday, as Cowboys will be hosting their first event beginning at 9 p.m.

The pub gives the everyday person the opportunity to walk in and listen to different bands. All ages and people are welcome to enjoy a night of live music in a new atmosphere while celebrating, not only, the opening of the restaurant, but the expansion of the music scene in Statesboro.