The University System of Georgia is now reviewing names of colleges and buildings on their campuses

Andy Cole

ATLANTA — In a Wednesday evening press release, the University System of Georgia (USG) announced a review of names used on their campuses across the state, including on Georgia Southern’s campus.

USG Chancellor Steve Wrigley and USG Board of Regents Chairman Sachin Shailendra have asked an advisory committee to review the names of colleges and buildings across the state and report their findings to the Board of Regents.

“USG’s mission is knowledge, and this action today is a step toward addressing how communities understand the history and context involving our campuses,” Wrigley said.

The group is not reviewing the name “Georgia Southern.”

The five-person advisory group will be led by Albany State President Marion Fedrick and include members of the public and private sectors.

About the review, GS President Kyle Marrero said, “Georgia Southern University applauds this measure by the University System of Georgia and welcomes a full review of the historical namings that have taken place at Georgia Southern as part of the University’s goal of achieving inclusive excellence.”

Once the group has completed their review, the findings will be announced publicly. It is unclear how long the review will take.

“While the review may be one part of a much broader discussion, I believe it is essential to advance how we serve students and all Georgians,” Wrigley added.

Editor’s Note: In an earlier version of this article and its headline, The George-Anne indicated that the University System of Georgia was reviewing the names of colleges and buildings on their campuses, including Georgia Southern. We meant the USG would review the names of colleges and buildings on Georgia Southern’s campus. The George-Anne regrets this mistake.

Andy Cole, Managing Editor for News Coverage,