GSU Student charged with multiply felonies after standoff with police

Simeon Ike

Jean Zagre, 21, a Georgia Southern student, was involved in an aggressive standoff with new Deputy Clint Campbell and Cpl. Bob Dinello late Wednesday night, daring the men to fire shots.

This incident was preceded by Zagre driving recklessly on Highway 67. Zagre it turns out had just left the scene of a vehicle collision. This prompted the deputies to pull Zagre over at a local convenient store. According to the Statesboro Herald, this is where Zagre became aggressive, taunting the deputies and charging Deputy Campbell, injuring his elbow.

The deputies eventually were able to subdue Zagre and transport him to the Bullock County Jail. Upon arrival at the Bullock County Jail, Zagre assaulted jail deputy, Cpl. Andy Nay.

“That’s just the nature of the job, whether on the first day or the last day. Luckily we were able to take him in with only minor injuries,” said Bulloch County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jared Akins.

Zagre will be charged with three counts of felony obstruction, one count of reckless driving, and traffic charges related to the vehicle collision.