Eagles settling in to new coaching staff and practice styles

Keith Smiley

Even though the football team has only completed six practices under new head coach Tyson Summers, players are starting to get comfortable as spring football season reaches its midpoint.

Running back Wesley Fields, a guy Summers deemed to be one of the leaders of the team, has been trying to get comfortable with the change and had high praise for the things Summers says to him in order to get better.

“Just be positive. Basically it’s a saying he always say, ‘get comfortable with being uncomfortable’,” Fields said.

Communication was still the focal point of practice entering the third week of spring season. Summers believes that the team’s progression hasn’t come from moving on to new things, but improving the things that they do well now. Another thing the Eagles continues to focus on is keeping up the tempo. It may be the same option-based offense, but players feel that things are much different under their new head coach.

“Tempo is a little faster, but we all getting adjusted to it now. It’s starting to click. A few more days, we will be there,” Fields said.

Spring practice has been different this time around when it comes down to physical contact at practice. The Eagles use to be limited in contact during the week under former head coach Willie Fritz. However, Summers have a different mindset in that if you’re going to do it Saturday, you should do it during the week.

It seems that GSU might have some tricks up their sleeves this season, as Summers was reluctant to give away all his gems on if the team will be more pass friendly. This is the case certainly for the running backs, but he is surely confident that his running backs can play wide out if implemented.

“I certainly think that all of our backs have the ability to catch the ball and to be able to play in space and I certainly hope we can implement them in the offense,” Summers said.

The Eagles will return to the practice fields this afternoon at 3:15 p.m.