Bachelor Recap: Season 24 Finale

Savannah King

Madison and Hannah Ann are the only two women left standing fighting for Peter’s heart. In this episode, the two women met Peter’s family, both wanting to leave a good long-lasting relationship.

First up to meet the parents was Hannah Ann.

Hannah Ann Meets the Webers

All Hannah Ann wants to do is just tell and let Peter’s family know how much she loves him. She immediately starts crying as soon as she meets his whole family and won’t stop gushing about how much she loves him.

Peter’s mother Barbra (Barb) is eating that up. When Barb and Hannah Ann go off to talk one-on-one, Hannah Anne lets Barb know how much she loves Peter. That’s pretty much all they talked about.

Peter expresses to his family that Hannah Ann has been ride or die for him the whole time, but he is still conflicted with his decision between Hannah Ann and Madison. His family doesn’t understand his dilemma because they believe Hannah Ann is all that and a bag of chips. I get it. Hannah Ann has proven to be the most loyal and unconditionally loving towards him, which is all they want for Peter.

Madison Meets the Webers

Let me preface their meeting by saying that, before Madison even got there, the only thing Peter told his family about Madison was her ultimatum (that Madison claims was not an ultimatum). Remember when she told Peter that she couldn’t continue on with him if he was intimate with other girls?

So now Madison has to meet his family with them only knowing that about her, and, of course, the family is now going to grill her through their whole meeting.

They question Madison on her and Peter’s compatibility since they have two completely different lifestyles, asking how much are they really wanting to compromise for each other.

Needless to say, this meeting did not go as well as Hannah Ann’s because afterward, when Peter was talking to his family about the girls, they were all still team Hannah Ann.

This is when we finally see who Barb is crying over in her infamous “Don’t let her go. Bring her home.” Barb was crying over Hannah Ann! Not much a shocker after Madison’s meeting with them.

Madison’s Final One on One

For their final one-on-one, Peter takes Madison on a helicopter ride and then, of course, talks about where they stand after that really bad family meeting.

Madison tells Peter that she’s been fighting for him since day one, but maybe it is time for her to just surrender and send herself home. I get why she did it. There’s much more to a relationship than just a spark.

Madison sending herself home wrecks Peter. Peter is so upset that they have to bring Chris Harrison to check on Peter to see if he can even bring himself to go on his final date with Hannah Ann. Peter eventually manages to pull himself together to go.

Hannah Ann’s Final One on One

Peter takes Hannah Ann to go hang out with baby kangaroos, and then, of course, to have dinner and talk.

Peter doesn’t tell Hannah Ann that Madison self-eliminated herself, but he does thank her for being so supportive and selfless throughout this whole process.

One thing Peter hasn’t done to Hannah Ann is reciprocate the same love she has for him. This is all she wants from him, but he tells her to give him time and to trust him.

The Engagement and Final Rose

Now we finally get to see Peter propose to his (supposedly) true love Hannah-Ann. Even though he hasn’t even told Hannah Ann that he loves her yet, Peter proposes anyways. Hannah-Ann is surprised and overjoyed by his proposal and obviously says yes.

I honestly don’t know who is happier, Barb or Hannah?

Unfortunately, this love train doesn’t last long. A month after their engagement Peter has Hannah Ann over to talk. Hannah Ann can sense something is off and that is when Peter tells her that he doesn’t think he can truly give his whole heart to her.

Hannah Ann did not take this well, as no one woman whose engagement is being broken should. She tells him that he took away her first engagement and storms out. 

The Live Finale

After watching Hannah Ann’s and Peter’s engagement crumble, we are brought back to Peter sitting solemnly on a stage with Chris Harrison in front of a studio audience (including his whole family).

Chris invites Hannah Ann on stage for them to have one last pow wow, and Hannah Ann lets Peter have it. She pretty much just goes off on Peter about he shouldn’t have even proposed if he knew he couldn’t love her the way she loved him. Hannah Ann even revealed that she should’ve broken things off with Peter when he wanted clarity from Hannah Brown.

Yes, Hannah Brown.

Hannah Anne gets her final words into Peter, telling him how he is a coward for never admitting his feelings and leading her on. Power to Hannah Ann.

After Hannah Ann leaves the stage, they show what happens next in Peter’s journey.

On the big screen, it shows Chris Harrison having a meeting with Madison. Yes, Madison! He tells Madison that Peter and Hannah Ann and have broken off their engagement. What does Madison do with this information? She takes it and runs with it, all the way back to Peter.

Where does it leave the two? Well on the stage in front of everyone at the finale. The two never disclose technically where they’re at with their relationship, but I think they are together. What we do know is that Barb is not happy with this relationship.

Barb and Madison get into it with each other, and Peter comes to the rescue by saying that he loves her and that should be enough. That is where this season of “The Bachelor” leaves us. It kind of left us all on a cliffhanger with what is technically going on with everyone.

Two days after the live finale, Madison and Peter both released that both of them have decided to part ways. Honestly, I saw this coming, but I didn’t see it coming this fast.

With that, this concludes this season’s Bachelor Recap!