Georgia Southern installs turf at Paulson Stadium

Ethan Flynn

Since Paulson Stadium’s Glen Bryant Field was first dedicated on September 29, 1984, there hasn’t been a significant change. Glenn Bryant Field is currently undergoing its latest revision, the installation of turf.

This new alteration includes the removal of the currently natural grass field and its eventual replacement with an artificial turf field. According to Georgia Southern Director of Athletics, Tom Kleinlein, the company that won the bid to start the transition was Shaw, out of Calhoun, Ga.

Shaw Sports Turf has proven their product in over 2,000 fields across the U.S. including but not limited to fields for: Furman University, Vanderbilt University, University of Arkansas, the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets.

What are the start and finish dates for Shaw Sports Turf?

The removal of the natural grass field is currently underway. Shaw Sports Turf will begin installation of the new field on Feb. 8 with an estimated completion date of mid-April.

What is Shaw Sports Turf installing?

Georgia Southern University and the Georgia Southern Football Program have elected to install Shaw Sports Turf’s Legion 41 System. It’s described as a two-inch, dual fiber system, that combines slit film with the most durable synthetic fiber turf and monofilament film.

One of the more sophisticated aspects of Shaw Sports Turf’s Legion 41 System is the HydroChill. HydroChill is an evaporating cooling system installed underneath the field to help cool the turf the same way the human body cools itself through sweating. This technology is the only patented technology of its kind and is guaranteed to cool the field to at least 30 degrees lower than a standard synthetic turf field.