Now Serving: the UPB Fall 2015 Finals Feast

Tandra Smith

In the midst of finals week, students can often forget to take the time to sleep, breathe, or even eat. This is one of the reasons why the University Programming Board is hosting the Fall Finals Feast, an event giving stressed out students the opportunity to de-stress and relax.

“The Fall Finals Feast is an opportunity for students to come out and have a break from finals,” said Aaliyah Royer, the Special Events Committee Chair for the University Programming Board. “This event is important to show students that we do offer things for them and we are taking them into consideration.”

Various members of the GSU administration volunteer during the event to serve the students. Royer says that it adds to the large scale, small feel of the university.

“Having our Administrators and Deans and Directors come out and serve students really shows how close-knit of campus and community we are,” Royer said.

The event will be held in the Dining Commons this year, instead of in the Russell Union, like in past years. 

“Since we are [having the event] in the Landrum Dining Commons, it’ll be a bigger food selection. We’ve had to narrow [the food selections] down in the past but because we’re teaming up with dining, we are able to host a more variety of food,” she said.

The event is more than just about food, however. There will be a multitude of activities and games for students to enjoy as well. One activity in particular, the Oxygen Bar, is usually a huge hit for many of the attendees. 

“You wear [an oxygen] mask and [you] choose from many different flavors that are meant to relax you,” she said. “We’ve had it many times in the past.”

Typically around 1,000 students show up to the event each year and it is very popular, since there is free food and fun activities. The event will be held in the Dining Commons from Monday night on December 7th at 11:59pm until Tuesday morning on December 8th at 2am. The Fall Finals Feast is open to GSU students only and you must bring you Eagle ID.