Burdened by Responsibility

Any individual who has a considerable degree of authority, resources, talent, skill, and connections has a proportional degree of responsibility. Power: authority, resources, talent, skill, and connections, can be either genetically acquired or developed through diligence and hard work. One man may be born into a wealthy family and have many opportunities to train and educate himself in the trade of his liking. This same individual may also inherit the prosperity of his family and augment his power level all the more so. Another man, born into not so fortunate a situation with less opportunities, may also develop himself through training and education in the trade of his liking. However, the latter’s road to personal development, may be much harder than the former’s for obvious reasons.

The manner that an individual goes about acquiring power is irrelevant. Once the power is present, the responsibility is required. The responsibility of any individual in a position of power and influence is to use his authority, resources, talent, skill, and connections to not only benefit himself, but, also, to benefit his fellow man. To reach out and open doors for those who are in less powerful positions. To use what he has to create better lives for people. Develop, by any means possible, a better society for those around him. Yes, he must better himself, he has earned it, but he must also better his neighbor.

As Americans, each and every one of us has a very considerable degree of power and responsibility. This citizenry power is derived from our right to vote for the leaders of our towns, cities, states, and the country as a whole. The right to vote and elect our nation’s leaders is essentially freedom of speech manifested in its purest form. Every American plays a decisive role in the body of politic; in the decisions of government. With this power of election comes the responsibility to vote, not for party affiliation, but for the general well being of America.

In order for any individual to vote solely for the betterment of his nation, he absolutely cannot vote for a candidate because he is a democrat or a republican. The particular party is only a name and means absolutely nothing. No matter what letter is placed beside a candidate’s name on a voting ballot, the letter is in no way, shape, or form a reflection of their competence, ideology, area of expertise, past achievements, and passion for America.

With our Presidential election only a year away, we will all have to decide who to give our trust; who to give our approval; who to give our vote. As you make this very important decision, I personally challenge you to form your conclusion based strictly on logical candidate analysis. Investigate and listen to each and every potential President of the United States of America. View and review their policies, mental competence, intuition, financial savvy, ability to manage an organization, and passion for America. Passion is paramount because it can push an individual to find a solution even when the problem does not fall into his area of expertise. What he lacks he will make up for with stone cold, unwavering focus and punch through the wall of resistance. I ask you, no, I beg of you, to assess each and every candidate logically and without bias of any form and cast your vote for the one that you believe will make America as great as she possibly can be.