Eagle Fast Pitch returns to Georgia Southern

Jozsef Papp

The College of Business and the Business Innovation Group at Georgia Southern are hosting an “Eagle FastPitch” competition on-campus for any student, regardless of major, interested in having their business ideas heard in front of a group of panelist.

The main focus of the event is to expose students to experiences that will help them compete with other college students around the country.

“We view it as a great opportunity for students to get exposure and an understanding on how to sell themselves, sell new concept, to think creatively, and to be innovative in the business ideas they come up with,” Dominique Halaby, Director of the Business Innovation Group, said. “I’m really excited in giving our students this opportunity.”

This is the first-time the event has taken place since 2012 and it is expected to be continued in the following years.

“It’s a great program that we are excited about that comes on the dog tail of our big pitch competition, which is open to any university. We want to make sure our students get the same level of exposure and experience that is provided to the larger collegiate audience,” Halaby said. “We want to have more students in other disciplines joining and being a part of the event by creating this as a part of their experience as an Eagle.”

The event is similar in concept to the ABC TV show, “Shark Tank.” However, the main difference is that it focuses more on the business idea and how to articulate your concepts rather than the real business plan. 

The students will be making their pitches to the community and other business. After they do, a panelist of experts and business will be giving them feedback, understanding, and helping them refine their pitches.

“If a student wants to have a business one day, it is a great opportunity and safe environment to get feedback from experts that will help them think differently about their concept,” Halaby said.

Although the event is open to the public, students must apply to participate via the College of Business website by Oct. 31. After the application process, a group of panelist will select the top students that apply by Nov. 5. 

When the students are selected, they must commit to two coaching sessions before they go and sell their idea in front of a group of panelist at the event on Nov. 17 at the Mical Whitaker Black Box Theater in Downtown Statesboro. 

“It’s about the student experience. If we can expose as many students through the process of idea innovation and how you can monetize it, those are things that are going to pay dividends not only for the students, but the university,” Halaby said. “Who knows? Maybe we have the next Bill Gates on our campus that just needs the right prodding and exposure to be able to take that idea and make millions.” 

The College of Business will also host their Three-day Startup event in February. Georgia Southern along with Georgia Tech are the only two universities in the state that host this event.