Bachelor Recap: Season 24, Ep. 10

Jenna Wiley

It’s Women Tell All Time!

It’s finally time to see if the girls can come to some kind of understanding and put this crazy drama behind them, but, of course, we don’t get to see that come to fruition.

Tammy, who has long standing “beef” with Kelsey, and essentially everyone in the house, did not apologize on-air to Kelsey, who she accused of being an alcoholic, popping pills, and emotionally shaming her when the two were in the Bachelor Mansion together.

We also finally get to actually hear from Victoria F. herself about those allegations from the mysterious woman who accused her of breaking up multiple relationships. Victoria F., of course, denies these allegations with her signature crying face.

But, to Victoria F.’s credit, she was one of the few women to keep her composure and not act catty on stage towards the other women.

So, who were the missing ones?

If you were paying attention, you might have noticed how two girls who, in my opinion, played at least some sort of important/pivotal role this season.

Kelley and Natasha!

While information about why Natasha wasn’t on Women Tell All is little (she was asked to attend, but couldn’t), we do have a little more information as to why Kelley wasn’t on stage.

Kelley, who was a fan favorite, wasn’t invited back to WTA. Chris Harrison said to the podcast “Almost Famous,” that they didn’t feel as though Kelley played an integral part to the storyline.

Which is confusing, because Kelley is actually a recognizable face and made is considerably far in the game, unlike some women on the stage that returned for WTA but also went home on the first night.

So, I’m guessing Kelley was bad for ratings, for whatever reason, and wasn’t offered a chair on stage for that reason.

So, let’s talk about how Madison accepted Peter’s rose.

After last week’s fiasco of Madison leaving after dinner during Peter and her Fantasy Suite date after learning Peter has been intimate with other women, (i.e. Hannah Ann and Victoria F.) Madison decides to make an appearance at the Rose Ceremony.

Peter seemed more nervous than usual following this Rose Ceremony but wound up giving the first rose to Hannah Ann.

Cue dramatic music.

Okay, so obviously he chose Madison. I think we all saw that coming,

But how she accepts the rose is what has got some people talking. She hesitates. Peter says her name and, even when Peter asks her to accept the rose, Madison waits an uncomfortable amount of time.

She eventually says yes, and Peter even goes as far to ask “Are you sure?” to which she says yes and they hug.

This leaves Victoria F. to be the one getting into a limo and being sent home, which in my opinion is fantastic.

On March 9th, the Final Rose Ceremony will air and Bachelor Nation will finally get to see all the drama come to an end.

Who will Peter choose? Who is his mom talking about in the clip they have teased us with all season about bringing “her” home?