Bar Wars


It’s a sad but true fact: out of town games are a thing. But when Paulson is empty, where’s the best place to watch the game? Some of our staff went to their favorite bars and food joints to take notes so you could have a side-by-side comparison.




By Meg Elwood

The George-Anne contributor

The atmosphere is busy and buzzing with people, yet the service is as fast and easy as… well, the Fast and Easy. Game day is all about food and GATA’s honey BBQ wings are where it’s at with a sauce with a kick of heat easily makes this a game-day favorite. The “All Day Every Day” drink specials always make game-day better. From $2 shots, $4 doubles wells and bombs and the ever-famous GATA shot for $6, what’s there not to love? The family-friendly environment makes it so the place isn’t too ratchet, yet there are plenty of college-kid cheers around touchdown times. The indoor/outdoor seating is a nice option and there are plenty of TVs, including two large projector screens, so no matter where you sit, you’ll never miss the Eagles! GATA!



By Alia Lewis

The George-Anne contributor


For students looking to enjoy away games while in Statesboro, Big Shows is a lot of fun. Although not as crowded during away games than they are during home games, Big Shows still offers a comfortable atmosphere with delicious food. It’s clean and provides a laid back environment where students can talk and watch the game. Some pros include clean environment, great food, comfortable temperature and great service. The biggest con was the sparse TVs. Overall, Big Shows offers great food and a nice atmosphere for students looking to enjoy away games. If students are looking for a more hyped atmosphere, they should attend Big Shows during home games.





By Donna Jones

The George-Anne contributor


Wild Wing Cafe had tons of pros: Friendly atmosphere, big TV and it was extremely loud. The Georgia Southern game only plays on TV downstairs, however upstairs has the audio for the game. There were different games playing  on the TVs upstairs. The customer service was good, prices ranged from $7 to $20. The main cons included low TV volume and a two hour wait.





By Ian Leonard

The George-Anne contributor


Do you need alcohol to enjoy a good old fashion football game? No. Does it help? You bet it does. For those of us who can’t make it to the sports bars on game day, whether it be because you can’t drive, you’re underage *cough cough*, or just too poor to afford fancy sports bar food and drinks, I offer a possibly overlooked and under appreciated option, the Dining Commons. It may not be the most glamorous place to watch the game, but it offers a lot of the same perks of a high-end pub. First off it’s free, which I’m sure everyone can appreciate, but it also an air of camaraderie and unity permeates the atmosphere that one would normally feel watching in the bars. As a matter of fact i would say it’s only heightened by the fact that you’re surrounded by your fellow Eagles, all rooting for the same team.