Eagles match up against N.C. State

Hayden Boudreaux

With the Georgia Southern football team season kick off less than two days away, fans should know what matchups need to shift towards the Eagles to pull off a victory.

Wolfpack O-Line vs. Eagle D-Line

The offensive line for N.C. State definitely has size on their side. Four of the five starters played in every game last season so they have the experience on their side. The anchor for the Wolfpack is graduate student right tackle Tyson Chandler. Chandler stands at 6’7″ and weighs in at 345 pounds. Like the rest of the line he is efficient at pass blocking and straight ahead run blocks. Lining up against Chandler will most likely be senior defensive end Rashad Williams, who is six inches shorter and 90 pounds lighter has to use his speed. Last season Chandler and the rest of the line had trouble pulling, running to cut-offs and getting downfield. By swarming to the ball and using speed around the edge the Eagles can swing the momentum towards their side.

Jacoby Brisset vs. Eagle Secondary

One of the headaches for the GS defensive coaches is the lack of film on N.C. State quarterback Jacoby Brissett. The redshirt junior was the third ranked high school football player in the country and committed to the University of Florida. For the Gators, Brissett started against No. 1 LSU as a freshman and played for two years with the former powerhouse before transferring to the Wolfpack. Per NCAA rules, he had to sit out all of last season but won Scout Team Player of the Year for his new school. The Eagle defense could be playing the best quarterback they will face all season and will have to take advantage of him shaking off the rust in the first game of the season. Eagle junior safety Matt Dobson will look for Brissett’s strongest throws, which are deep posts and slants across the center of the field.

Eagle Running Backs vs. Wolfpack Linebackers

Throughout the offseason the Eagles have been searching for a breakout running back. Currently, they have a stable of backs that all rotate in with the starters, and while there is not a standout there is definitely a lot of talent in the backfield. One of the running backs planning to get time is senior Ean Days. Days transferred from the University of Illinois two years ago but due to a hip injury was not able to play last season. Also getting time will be Brandan Thomas, who played in eight games last season for the Eagles. On the other side of the ball will be Wolfpack senior linebacker Brandon Pittman who totaled for 62 tackles last season and started in every contest. Pittman has a solid frame and can move to the ball well, he struggles with keeping his eyes on the backfield and guesses frequently on the play being a run.