Chef Kevin Case to talk local food

Martinique Mccrory

Those looking to sharpen up their skills in the kitchen should attend the Ask the Chef event this week.

Thursday from 12-1 p.m., Chef Kevin Case of Georgia Southern University Catering will hold a lecture at the Botanical Garden on his tips and tricks in the kitchen and speak on the benefits of buying fresh ingredients grown right here in Statesboro.

“My goal for this lecture is to get people excited about using local farmers. We are in an amazing location and are fortunate enough to have so many great farmers that produce outstanding fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to chose from,” Kevin Case said.

This event is aimed towards students growing tired of campus dining food, who seek to expand their food knowledge in order to prepare better, healthier meals. This could be beneficial particularly to those trying to avoid the Freshman 15 — or 30.

“With all these fast food chain restaurants with mass-grown GMO foods for students to chose from, it would be very beneficial the student to learn how to support local foods and eat healthier,” Case said .

Reservations must be made prior to the event in order to save a plate for lunch. The cost is $20 per person with the lunch, made by the Chef, included.

“I will be preparing a menu with food from local farmers and growers. It will be a fun and healthy menu that supports the downtown farmer’s market and our outstanding vendors,” Case said.

Students should come prepared with their own cooking questions because concluding the lecture, Chef Case will hold a question and answer session in order to ease any challenges found in the kitchen.

Case said, “If students come, they might be able to get away from the fast-food craze and experience a life-changing meal.”