FX creates a masterpiece

Laurianna Cull

Rating: 4 stars

Tuesdays on FX at 10:00

FX’s new T.V. series, “Fargo” turned out to be brilliant and so refreshingly original compared to everything else on television right now.

The show had a lot of hype to live up to before its first episode aired due to the mass popularity of the original movie, with the same title as well as the insane amount of publicity the network put behind the new series.

“Fargo” surpassed expectations as it followed the mischievous drifter, Lorne Malvo played by Billy Bob Thornton (Armageddon) who goes around Minnesota telling kids to pee in gas tanks then calling the owner of the car so they get caught, murdering an adult bully, and awakening the evil inside seemingly harmless citizens.

FX made a very smart decision in not producing a remake of the original “Fargo” film and instead creating an entirely new storyline and characters while still maintaining a similar tone as the film.

By doing so, FX’s “Fargo” has captured the attention of old fans of the film as well as the hearts of a new audience.

It is impossible not to fall in love with this wide range of outlandish characters, and their dark violent humor.

Trying not to laugh when the characters are committing heinous crimes yet maintaining this innocent sounding Minnesota accent is pointless.

Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton seem like two of the most random actors to place together for a comedy, but somehow it works. They seem to balance each other out and create such a subtle humor that draws the audience closer on every word.

These two actors take a scene about plotting the murder of a local bully whilst sitting in the Emergency room completely casual and somehow hilarious.

Each episode is an hour and a half long including time for commercials which may seem a bit lengthy, but “Fargo” does such an amazing job at keeping the viewers on their toes that the episode does not drag in the slightest.

In the first episode alone, people are getting killed left and right. And, in a town of bullies and animosity, the most apologetic and non-violent character in the entire show ends up committing the most brutal murder of all.

Lorne’s (Thornton) mischievous disruption of this seemingly peaceful town mixed with Lester’s (Martin) nervous energy and secret rage that could go off at any second should make for an addictively great first season.