Eagle ingenuity: Celebrating Southern’s engineers

Connor White

When most students think of engineering, tinkering and tool making might come to mind before raffles and rallies, but broadening people’s perspective of the field is exactly what Georgia Southern University’s Engineering Week hopes to accomplish.

“The purpose of Engineer’s Week is to expose the campus to what is going on in the world of engineering,” Gregory Bailey, a coordinator for E-Week and Program Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), said. “It’s also to show our appreciation towards our faculty and staff for continuing to make our engineering programs competitive within the engineering world.”

Several events are taking place over the course of this week from Monday to Thursday, and encompass all facets of GSU’s engineering program, including chemical, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering.

All students are welcome to attend and will have many opportunities to learn about current events, research opportunities and even co-op/internships that are available.

While the national level of the organization maintains communication with all local chapters to make sure the initiatives for E-Week are the same, each chapter plans and develops their events independently, offering unique experiences every year.

But the event itself will not be a success without the attendance of other students, Bailey said.

“If you are interested in how your life works,” Bailey said, “come to Engineer’s Week. Engineers are the people who design and develop things that you use every day. From the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning to the toothbrush that cleans your teeth before bedtime.”

Here’s what students attending the rest of E-Week can expect:

On Tuesday, NSBE will show faculty members how much they appreciate their hard work and dedication to teaching students in S.T.E.M. majors. They will be visiting each department of the Engineering Program.

At Morris Heights at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, “Students can take part to help accomplish part of NSBE’s mission to positively impact the community,” Bailey said. “We will be trying to get the kids involved participating in different outdoor activities.”

Thursday in the Russell Union room 2080 at 11 a.m. Students will be given the chance to speak with the representatives from companies about internships, co-ops, career opportunities and experiences within that industry. Bailey particularly stressed the importance of this event and the business professional dress code that is required as well.