Letters to the Editor: Ware goes too far

The word “terrorist” is one that has a powerful undertone in light of events over the past 20 years. The use of unprecedented violence to get a point across would be the appropriate definition.  In his past two articles, Mr. Ware has called members of the GOP “terrorists,” and frankly I believe he has gone too far in making such accusations.  These “terrorists” that he claims to have hijacked the country are elected officials that do what they see is best to lead the nation in the direction that they see as most representative of the public opinion.

According to the Gallup Poll as of two days ago, at least 50 percent of Americans want the Affordable Healthcare Act either changed or repealed entirely.  So these “terrorists” are listening to their constituents by voting to fund every aspect of the government except for the Healthcare act that the American public does not want.  Our current government situation got to the point that it has because the Democrats decided that they would not choose to fund the government unless ALL of their provisions were included, shutting the door to any negotiation.

To Mr. Ware, while you are entitled to your opinion, I would suggest that it is not productive to make such radical claims about certain groups of people who are trying to represent half of the nation. By pointing all of the blame solely to the Republican Party you are only furthering the divide between two parties and clearly demonizing anyone that does not agree entirely with your opinion.  This makes you no better than the stubborn individuals that caused this problem to start with.  Instead focus more on finding a positive solution to the problem because there is no one group at fault.  Both sides in Washington are the ones who got us into this mess, a compromise will have to be made on both sides to avoid the debt ceiling crisis and get our government back on track, instead of pointing fingers.

Dallas Gray


political science major