‘Bangerz’ generates moderate success

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  • Graphic by: Alexandra Tobia

Kimeko McCoy

After teasing fans with two hits songs, self-proclaimed hip-hop mogul Miley Cyrus dropped her fourth album, titled “Bangerz,” Tuesday.

Although Cyrus has released three previous studio albums, this is her first album since breaking the mold of Disney child star, Hannah Montana.

In contrast to previous albums, Cyrus used a hip-hop archetype to create “Bangerz” and featured hip-hop artists such as Future, Mike WiLL Made It, Juicy J, French Montana and Big Sean.

Cyrus tries to incorporate her fascination with rap and hip-hop culture into her music causing a few hits and misses. A hit was obviously the single “We Can’t Stop,” which came in ranked at number two on the Billboard charts. Her second single, “Wrecking Ball” surpassed her first and made it all the way to number one on the Billboard charts.

The misses of the “Bangerz” album came when Cyrus collaborated with the rap artists featured on the tracks “Do My Thang” and “Love Money Party.”

Cyrus uses hip-hop as the basis of these tracks and it does not quite work out. The forced collaboration sounds like triangle being forced into a circle shape looks.

When she is not using hard beats and words like “swagger,” Cyrus shows her fans a softer side using acoustics and dance music, letting her vocals achieve a moment of glory.

Songs like “Adore” and “Rooting for My Baby” allow Cyrus to show off more of her abilities within and around her vocal range.

In the track “SMS” Cyrus comes together with her idol Britney Spears for dance/pop collaboration. Unfortunately, this song is the usual “ratchet,” twerking Cyrus with lyrics such as “I be strutting my stuff.” Basically, she’s trying too hard.

Regardless of the hits and many misses, “Bangerz” serves as a refreshing break from the relationship the public has found themselves in with Cyrus lately because her music does not necessarily reflect her recent persona.

She offers a variety of genres with mediocre lyrics but when she has a hit, it’s a hit. When she has a miss, it’s a miss. At least she’s not twerking on camera anymore.