Statesboro to gain a new eagle statue

Photo courtesy of: Georgia Southern University

Lauren Gorla

The flock of Eagle Nation on Parade statues will add a new member today with the installation of the “Bulloch County Family Tree” outside of the Statesboro Public Library at 5:30.

“I think this eagle will give people who have lived here all their lives, as well as those who may have just moved to town, a sense of pride and belonging to Bulloch County,” Connie Sanders, Bulloch County Historical Society Chairwoman said. “Every time you look at the eagle, you discover a new piece of the county’s history.”

The eagle has portraits of key historical figures in Bulloch County including Jack Averitt, Emma Kelley and Willie McTell, according to a Georgia Southern University news release.

Scott Foxx, a GSU master of fine arts student, designed the statue with the idea of using a folk-art style of painting to allow the historic elements to be recognizable.

Foxx said, “I am very pleased that a work of mine will be a teaching tool for years to come. I don’t often get a chance to have such control over my commissioned works, and I was happy that the Historical Society saw eye-to-eye with me on the theme and inspiration of artist Howard Finster’s portraits.”

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