New boutique flocks to Statesboro

Alexandra McCray

The economy may be bad for the rest of the country, but for the newly opened boutique The Feathered Nest located in downtown Statesboro business is booming.

The store has been open for two weeks and business has been flourishing so much that even storeowner Sara Woodard is surprised.

“Business has been very good, I thought it’d be much slower. I haven’t even started advertising or anything yet, and I’ll have someone come in during the morning and want a product, and by the afternoon it’s gone,” Woodard said.

The Feathered Nest is a store for anyone looking to create a wardrobe or apartment that looks like it walked straight off of a Pinterest board.

“One day I’ll have all college kids shopping for clothes and the next day it’ll be all grandmas, and still everybody finds something.  I’m trying to be super fun but at the same time affordable so that no matter what your price point you can find something super cool to wear or for your house,” Woodard said.

Every piece is hand picked by the owner. Including vintage, recycled furniture and chic embellishments tucked into even the smallest detail.

“I have a lot of vendors from Etsy. I have a girl that does copper jewelry, one that does Georgia Southern tumblers and another one that does monogrammed pendants. And every day it changes because I have so much stuff coming from vendors, so it’s always different,” Woodard said.

Woodard is planning to bring her crafting to customers by holding invitation only Pinterest parties at the store in the future.

Travae Zachary, a sophomore fashion merchandising and apparel design major said she likes The Feathered Nest because it offers unique, high quality items that aren’t mass produced and can’t be found at other boutiques in Statesboro.

Woodard’s sister Casey Arnett owns consignment shop DeJa’Vu across the street. Arnett attributes both stores’ quick success to South Main Street’s close-knit community, and willingness for owners to encourage each other’s success.

Arnett said, “We refer all our customers to The Feathered Nest and they always come back and say how great it is. South Main is a very close community. We all know how to run each other’s business in case of an emergency.”