Packing right for your spring break getaway

Lindsey McCormick

There are only a few select times a year when a suitcase gets to see the light beyond the closet, so it’s important to prep properly before heading out to the beach.

First things first, know what to put in the suitcase three days before your trip to avoid last-minute anxiety.

Pack a lot of different swimsuits to avoid having a startling tanning line when hitting up the nightlife. Since swimsuits are the primary outfit of choice for spring-breakers, bringing a variety never hurt anybody.

If bringing many pairs of shoes is necessary, try putting some shirts or undergarments inside of those shoes to save space. Bring only as many tops as necessary and don’t think about the “let’s bring extra just in case” mentality.

When placing these shirts in the suitcase, fold and stack them, don’t roll them up. Stacking shirts gives a lot more space than rolling and leaves more room for essentials.

Get a little creative when packing accessories because these can easily get tangled. Try threading your necklaces through straws or wrapping them around a tube of toothpaste. Also, wrapping earrings individually in your socks or undergarments will save an untangling session.

Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen or tanning oil in a plastic bag before taking off. There is nothing worse than a bathing suit with a side of Banana Boat tanning oil.

When getting all of these items ready, keep in mind not to over pack. Mr. Suitcase does not want to feel bloated, especially when he is heading to the beach. If it doesn’t zip, it’s time to strip.