Eagles don’t match up against Bulldogs

Kevin Gregan

This year, the Eagles get the rare chance to prove they’re the best football team in the state of Georgia.

Unfortunately, they won’t prove that this year.

The Eagles are technically the most accomplished team in Georgia, with more championships than either the University of Georgia or the Georgia Institute of Technology, but they haven’t been facing the caliber of teams present in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

The Eagles aren’t going down without a fight, and No. 5 FBS ranked UGA will certainly have to work hard to shut down the No. 1 ranked rushing offense in the Football Championship Subdivision.

The Bulldogs are 4-0 against the Eagles and within recent history have been victorious against the triple-option. Last year, UGA beat Paul Johnson’s triple-option Yellow Jackets 31-17.

Monken’s triple option will face a tough defense led by All-American outside linebacker Jarvis Jones, who has 17 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks and five forced fumbles.

Head coach Jeff Monken has undoubtedly studied a lot of UGA tape, and he and his staff will give the Eagles the best possible chance to win with the personnel that GSU has.

Many coaches would choose to try to hold onto the ball to keep the ball out of the hands of the UGA offense, led by quarterback Aaron Murray. UGA is ranked second in the nation in three-and-outs, and that could be hard for GSU.

Once the ball is in the hands of the Bulldog offense, the Eagles will have a tough time defending the pass. Earlier in the season, Appalachian State University tore up the GSU secondary. The Eagles simply don’t have the personnel to match up against the UGA receivers.

If the Eagles win, it will be certainly be a moment of glory for the university and Eagle Nation. Anything is possible in college football, after all.

With the way the two teams match up, the Bulldogs will be victorious 45-28. But, you never know, maybe it is that year.