Armed robbery on campus goes without Eagle Alert

Taylor Cooper

Georgia Southern University Office of Public Safety did not send out an Eagle Alert to students after an armed robbery between Kennedy Hall and Southern Courtyard on Sunday at 1:29 a.m.

Police issued a campus alert that was posted to students’ MyGeorgiaSouthern account Tuesday morning 9:05 a.m.

The victim was walking on the Lanier Drive sidewalk when the two suspects asked for his help in finding a lost cell phone, according to an incident report from the Office of Public Safety.

While the victim was looking for the phone, one man pushed him down and held him while the other punched him several times.

Some students thought an alert should have been sent sooner and that the situation was unsafe.

“I don’t like that at all. I’d rather we get alerts faster,” Grant Sturgill, sophomore geology major, said.

“They need to get alerts out earlier, but there needs to be some personal responsibility. You shouldn’t walk through there at night,” Michael Lord, freshman business major, said.

The alert should have been sent quickly, not two days later, Zac Loadley, freshman finance major, said.

“That’s really unsafe,” Patrick Witten, undeclared freshman, said. “I see cops around here a lot, but they just mess with people walking through.”

Other students did not even know about the robbery.

“I had no idea (the crime) happened. That’s terrifying,” Michael Murphy, freshman political science major, said.

“My mom checked MyGeorgiaSouthern and called me wondering what was going on. She was worried,” Evan Turkowsky, freshman pre-nursing major, said.

GSU PD continues to search for the suspects.

The two black males fled in the direction of F Lot, between Lanier Drive and Southern Pines, according to the campus alert on MyGeorgia Southern.

The suspects are average height and both had short hair, according to the report, and they were wearing black clothing that had no visible logos.

The Department of Public Safety did not respond to requests for comment at press time.