New fraternity to begin recruting

Tayler Critchlow

Alpha Sigma Phi will be at Georgia Southern University recruiting young men at the Rotunda between Oct. 9 and Nov. 7 as it adds the  101st chapter on campus.

Justin Ferriera, coordinator of Expansion and Growth, will be recruiting and informing young men of what it means to be a member of Alpha Sigma Phi. After he has organized an interest group, another staff member will take his place and help the new group to establish themselves and to get things running.

In regards to housing, Ferriera says that it is up to the group.

“In a year or two maybe a house can be built, but it is the groups decision,” Ferriera said.

Alpha Sigma Phi is a social fraternity that bases strong values in academics and scholarship, Ferriera said. The fraternity’s motto is ‘To Better The Man.’

“We hope to recruit men who embody these values and through our organization are able to make their experiences better in college and beyond,” Humberger said.  “We are looking for men who want to be apart of something new and who want an opportunity to leave their mark on campus and have something to look back on in in the future.”

It will be all up to the group as to what events this chapter hosts, however in all of the other chapters, philanthropy is a strong quality, Humberger said. Georgia Institute of Technology and Augusta State University are two universities in Georgia that have recently acquired Alpha Sigma Phi.

The process that Alpha Sigma Phi will be going through is in fact a very informal process to start and join a fraternity, compared to the extensive procedures in place to install a new sorority, Jess Turuc, interim director for GSU’s Greek Life, said. All that is needed for the fraternity to begin is an agreement between the fraternity’s national office and the University’s Greek Life office.

“As we look at the growing enrollment it makes sense to add more (fraternities and sororities) in order to revitalize the community,” Turuc said.

Expanding Greek Life can be beneficial for the school as a whole as well, Aron Randall, vice president of the Inter-Fraternity Council, a Delta Chi Fraternity member and a senior majoring in political science and engineering, said.

“If you are involved in a chapter, then you have all those people supporting you and wanting you to succeed. It is where you fit in and find a home,” Randall said.

Overall, people in Greek Life maintain a higher GPA due to the requirements set to join a sorority or fraternity, the graduation rate for those involved in Greek Life is 70 percent, where as the graduation rate for non-Greeks was 50 percent or less, Randall said.

Randal said that, on a national average, Greek Alumni are the second biggest donors to schools, next to Athletic Alumni. A growing greek life means more involvement, and it is better for the school.

Turuc said the most recent fraternity to join GSU was Pi Kappa Theta, and it was founded in the spring of 2011. Since there was just an additional sorority added this past spring, Delta Phi Epsilon, it will be another three or five years before another one is added.