Core credit hours set to be reduced

Kyle Clark

Changes to the core class structure were discussed at the faculty senate meeting Tuesday and the restructuring would move the number of core credit hours for each student from 42 down to 30 credit hours. 

According to Provost Carl Reiber, these changes are being mandated by the University System of Georgia. 

“There are certain courses that are going to stay,” Reiber said, “English 1101, 1102, history, Georgia government, they’re going to stay, math is going to stay. Beyond that, that is what’s going to be debated.” 

With these credits being removed, there are hopes that the hours can be used by each college to further the education of students. This decision will be made by the General Education Core Committee with input from academics on campus. 

However, this was met with skepticism by faculty at the meeting. 

“I don’t think it’s right to cut the fat out before you know how much fat there is,” computer science professor Jim Harris said. 

Details in regards to which classes in particular will be cut from the core are still in the works.

Kyle Clark, The George-Anne Daily Managing Editor,