Five ways to get the most out of CRI and the RAC

Tayler Critchlow

Whether you are a full blown gym rat, or a certified couch potato, every student at Georgia Southern University pays to be a member at the Recreation Activities Center but not every student takes advantage of all the things Campus Recreation and IntramuralS offers. If you need a little motivation to help turn the RAC from just a stop on the bus route to one of your favorite places on campus, look no further than this list of helpful RAC tips.

  1. The early bird actually gets to use the equipment without a wait.

Getting up bright and early may not seem appealing after staying up until 2 a.m. to finish that paper you have been putting off weeks, but hitting the RAC before lunch is always going to be worth it. The RAC is typically much less crowded in the morning and early afternoon, which means less noise, less stress and less waiting for that vital piece of equipment or a parking space.

  1. If you are having trouble motivating yourself, utilize the CRI staff to help you find some extra drive.

CRI offers a wide variety of group fitness classes throughout the day that are designed to help gym goers have a safe, fun and fulfilling workout. Not only will the instructors help inspire you to keep going, but completing a workout with a group of your peers is also motivating on its own. Check out the schedule and see if you can find one that fits into your school schedule and then make it a part of your weekly routine. It may take a little while to get used to, but soon visiting the RAC will be a habit just like going to class is.
If you need a little extra help finding some drive in the gym, CRI also offers affordable packages for sessions with a personal trainer. Depending on your own personal goals, the personal trainers can help with sport specific training, weight loss, improving your overall health and how to properly return to working out following an injury.

  1. Embrace the (occasionally) competitive world of intramural sports.

GSU may not have Quidditch (yet), but there are many different intramural sports to choose from, including kickball, flag football and even cornhole. Team sports can be a good alternative for living a more active lifestyle for those who are looking for something a little more simulating than traditional workouts. It also a great way to meet new people who have a common interest. Form a team with a group of friends and kill two birds with one stone by exercising and still having a social life.

  1. Don’t wait till Summer to hit the pool.

The RAC has both an indoor and an outdoor pool, which means serious swimmers can swim laps and utilize the diving board while more casual pool goers can relax inside when it’s cold and outside when it’s warmer. CRI also hosts a series of different events and activities that incorporate the pool. Swimming is a fun way to get a good workout without actually feeling like you are working out at all.

  1. Get a change of scenery and some fresh air with Southern Adventures

Southern Adventures sponsors weekend trips throughout the school year that students can sign up for, with costs as low as $15 and the highest being $50. The trips include activities such as white water rafting, paddle boarding and backpacking. Taking advantage of opportunities like these should be a no-brainer. Finding time to do trips like these won’t be easy after college, or nearly as affordable.
Southern Adventures also offers clinics to help students develop skills in things such as climbing, biking, boating, wilderness first aid and backcountry cooking. They are also in charge of the rock climbing wall and sponsor services like the Bike Shop, the Campus Cycle program and gear rental if you’re interested in planning your own hiking, canoeing, bouldering or kayaking trip.