Coexisting Changed My Life

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by DeAmber J Patterson
In the beginning, we are shaped, molded even, into this one being, assigned with morals that are usually passed on to us by our guardians. During this journey, we are cautioned to never cross the boundaries of separating from the pre-inflicted ideologies.
My nearest and dearest friends are often the ones who jam out at music festivals, let the moment take them on a ride while enhancing their vibes with the toxins of this world. Four years into this college jungle and I have yet to step foot into these trips they travel. These moments were never the moments I wanted, but I grew fond of the free spirited people.
Same time, same place. It took me a while, and of course there’s ample intervals to improve this concept of coexisting. Or basically being able to live and unite with so many people even though we may not share the same values.
 I want to start out by saying, every single time I’ve chosen peace, the effects were nothing short of positive and self-sustaining. I often hear about the separation of families and friends simply, yet harshly because of the differences on politics and more deeply, religious views.  
What’s right to put into our bodies?
What’s right to take out?
The order in which things go have always kept me stumbling. It took me a while to realize that more than one thing has its place on earth, and me turning down the millionth cigarette doesn’t make me better than anyone else.
So I clutched towards the insanely deep conversations I’ve had with friends who may not know what they want, but are aware of what they don’t want. The atheist that I may never understand. My male friends with male lovers. My persistently angry father. Conflict exists but you do not have to live in it, and letting peace win does not mean that you’ve surrendered to someone else’s mindset. 
Coexisting constantly alarms me of improvement, purpose and the development of new relationships. It’s brought peace into my life and my God if you’ve never felt peace you’re missing out on an enriched world. When I started to view everything and everyone as “important,” I began to appreciate more. I myself am able to receive and digest judgement because now looking from the inside out, I understand where judgement comes from. I understand fear and that taking risk are scary. Taking people under your wing and making them yours opens the door for labeling and categorization.
There’s an overflow of people who need connections with others who will simply love them and experience this life that we all have. I’m always overwhelmed with gratefulness to be able to live this way. Coexisting and loving without constraints has completely changed my life.
“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxury. Without those humanity cannot survive”-Dalai Lama
About DeAmber:
I’m DeAmber J Patterson. I’m from almost every city in Georgia, because I’ve moved around a lot. I love to explore, and in every way. I enjoy blogging and have recently found out actually how passionate I am about getting my voice heard. My blog on  WordPress (decidingwhathappens) touches on the different relationships and interactions that I as a young woman experience, in hopes of it helping someone else out.